Universal Mandala & Zen Yoga

Universal Zen and Mandala Yoga

We are happy to announce our yoga classes! Based on a complete yoge-lifestyle, we will work together, giving you the chance and techniques you need to  become (more) happy, lean, healthy, balanced and be empowered in life! 
Universal-Zen and Mandala yoga is an integral approach to release accumulated tension and restore vital energy, boosting your immune system. We focus a lot on our breath (Pranayama) and the need to relax and create space to see our connection to the entire universe and nature. As we can only be strong and able to help others, we ourselves have to be strong and balanced. 
You can find us on site wherever we are in the world. We also offer private classes. See that all is connected and become part of our Sangha!


Currently not in Nepal.


Yoga classes in Athens!
Currently not in Athens.


Climb, Hike, Yoga and Love retreat

2023 up for booking now! Yoga classes available now!


We will be back in sunny California offering our classes soon! Stay tuned!


Currently not in Belgium!