Roads To Zen

....came naturaly as an idea and slowly formed into a real concept that translates now in a 'social travel facility'. While traveling the world, we realized the need for people to have more awareness and share the compassion and love towards our planet and all its beings.

Over the years we stayed in many different places for a longer period of time. We made deep connections with different cultures and really got to know these places in an authentic way. This allows us to give you very specific information about places to stay, visit, how to get there, what to eat, local friends (yes! FRIENDS!), markets and many more unique things! We believe it is one of the biggest schools in life: discovering this earth and all those who live on it. This can bring about a mind-shift and can alter your visions and perspectives on many levels.  It will also provide a much clearer view on the many problems this planet is facing today and how we all have the power, to make a difference every single day. Open your heart and spirit!

Roads To Zen aims to create a better world through pure and real travel experiences, with compassion and love for our planet and all its beings

Travel with compassion and awareness

By providing you with data and information we gathered through our own experiences we had along the way, we can echange similar experiences, while still providing you to encounter everything in your own way. Because we are all different, but we believe that travel can have such a profound impact, that it can shift your mindset and open you up to unknown sensations... 

Breath in nature and (re)connect

See how everyhting is intertwined and how being in nature heals you....

Take your dog(s) with you!

The best places to have a balanced holiday together with your dogs. 

Explore World Heritage Sites

World heritage sites have been a part of our journey and we want to share that with you

Trek in the most natural environment

Backpacking is so fun!


If you are a lover of food, combined with excercise, we offer you insight in our foodchain and how to navigate through it! 

Zen and Mandala Yoga

See what our Universal-Zen yoga is all about.