Hike, Climb, Yoga and lots of Love wrapped with compassion.... that is Gozo!

Hike - Climb - Yoga - Love

Hike, Climb, Yoga & much Love on the beautiful and mystical island of Gozo!

Gozo is the small sister island  of Malta. Located way down south in the Mediterranean, it sits before the African continent and you can sense that...
Gozo is about 55km in diameter and offers the tranquility, peace, nature and smiles for happiness and health. This island, that remains a bit off the beaten track, can offer the exclusive opportunity to really get away and recover.
Experience a week of pure bliss with our Universal Zen & Mandala Yoga combined with outdoor activities, connecting us back to nature.
We discover the island by foot, hiking around the magnificent and stunning cliffs. Pushing yourself can generate so many benefits for all roads to take in life! 
You also have the option for rock climbing in this pristine setting, in the skill full hands of a well-known guide! A massage that confirms all these elements is not to be missed. 
There is time to swim, snorkel or dive, enjoy good food and company, but also to simply relax in a peaceful and happy environment. Our focus remains on creating life changing experiences, to benefit all beings.  Together, we want to engage in this place with compassion and we will volunteer at Animal Welfare Gozo and visit Dreams Of Horses, a sanctuary for horses, donkeys, pigs etc, and help with anything that is needed.
Compassionate and selfless!

Retreat overview

Every new morning starts with Sun Salutations and deep breaths (pranayama), welcoming the incredible opportunity for a new day. New sensations and experiences,... anything and everything can happen! Healthy and happy meals, discovering local and seasonal vegetables and fruits. We will hike, swim, snorkel and dive, climb, volunteer and discover the Maltese culture,...
We will visit the oldest settlements of the neolithic time and feel the energy of the place. There is opportunity to join a workshop to reduce your fashion footprint and get fun ideas giving clothes a second life!
A complete circular way of living.

Hike around Gozo

Hiking around this island is relaxing, exciting and motivating! 
Gozo is a small island; it can give you piece of mind as you are never too far away from a little village. At the same time, space can feel so vast and you can get a sense of being far away from it all. It is a very unique setting that way. 
Some paths are more challenging than other. But always providing stunning views of the countryside, cliffs, clear waters and villages.

Compassion for animals

Roads To Zen is all about creating life changing experiences for the benefit of all sentient beings.
Traveling does not only mean you just visit. Real traveling means to know where you are, know the beauty and culture, nature and food. But also what challenges a place faces and be willing to learn and help. To give back and gain awareness of the place you visit. This will make you love and understand that place so much more.

We will visit and volunteer with local organisations like Animal Welfare Gozo, Wildlife Rescue Malta or Dreams of Horses

Universal Zen & Mandala Yoga

Our yoga practice has been created in line with the four directions of life: North-East-South-West


We guide you in a Zen way to a happy and healthy life with connectedness to all.
An integral approach to release accumulated tension and restore vital energy so you are strong and balanced for all endeavours of life.

Discover the underwater world

Snorkeling is just a must while here!

For those who like, there will be diving opportunity as well.
Many people visit the island because of of the clearest waters around the Med. There are wonderful, unspoiled spots to discover this magical world underneath the water surface.

Environmental and holistic awareness

With everything we do, our awareness should grow and keep expanding.
When we are hiking, we collect trash.
When we are snorkeling, we collect plastics in the sea.
When we are shopping, we will pay attention to packaging, where does my food come from, what does it contain, is it sunstainable, how to recognize 'bad' elements in it,...?
A holistic life-style means so much. And once you make that shift, you can spread that awareness further and influence people around you as well. Slowly spreading the Love and Compassion for our planet, the universe and ultimately all sentient beings.
A happy mind and soul, in a happy body!