Travel Packages

Travel Packages

Travel Packages

We offer you travel packages to the following countries: Nepal, Greece, Gozo (Malta) and California. The reason why we only offer these 4 countries, is because we know these places very well and have spend lots of time there, worked and lived in these communities. Therefore we are able to offer the most unique way to travel and discover the place you visit. Every travel agency can offer you an endless list of destinations. We purposely only offer these so you will enjoy and experience a real way of travel, giving you a life-changing experience. 
In every country, the emphasis is on another topic, but you will always receive something of all the things we believe are essential to create these altering travel experiences. The beauty of choosing us, is that we can personalize your journey a bit, but also show you new things and make you feel excited about life and love! Be present and in the moment, live your life today.


Surrounded by the highest mountains on earth, Nepal is breathtaking: the people, nature, street dogs, culture, history,...


Surf, mountains, nature and lots of healthy know-how to enjoy the California lifestyle to the fullest


The energy is completely unique and will leave you with a sense of gratitude and humbleness...

Gozo, Malta

Hike, Climb, Yoga and Love on the magical island of Gozo!
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