Roads To Zen offers you:


Based on a complete yoge-lifestyle, we will work together to see all is connected, giving you the chance and techniques to find the path to a heatlhy and happy life. Universal-Zen yoga and Mandala yoga, is an integral approach to release accumulated tension, restore vital eneryg and practice a non-harming way of living.

  • suitable for students of all level
  • can be adjusted to benefit all and anyone
  • insight tips and tricks for a leaner and fitter body, even while traveling!
  • seeing all is connected: this is an approach for your body, soul and mind


Providing a network around the world to access data and giving you a source of knowledge and wisdom where you can find what you need for your travels and your daily life.  We believe we can always learn, and sharing what we have learned is one of the most important things to do. You will get:

  • access to a platform of animal welfare and environmental organizations with contacts around the world
  • insight information into a culture and its habits
  • tips and tricks that are just for you ;) 
  • a network of like-minded people 
  • saving you time and money (because time = money) in researching and so on. We already did this, for you! 

Travel Packages

We offer personal travel packages from our knowledge and experiences of our travels around the world. Connecting you to local communities, farmer's markets, local bars and restaurants, NGO's, small businesses and more to really connect deeply with a place!  Instantly have a true view on the place you visit:

  • insight in the culture through local connections
  • every package can be slightly adusted to your preferences
  • hiking, climbing, yoga, buddhism, environmental awareness and connecting to animal welfare organizations, volunteering
  • local and seasonal food, gaining knowledge of how all is connected 
  • easy and fun access! We guide you in every aspect of the journey, but give you the freedom to experience it yourself. 

Himalayan Stray Rescue

Roads To Zen has been traveling with an open heart and open mind. We have seen many beautiful things, but also a lot of suffering. And we want to help all animals around the world, especially the street dogs:

  • recognizing where help is needed and act on it
  • connecting with local organizations to work together for the benefit of all beings
  • mindfull and consious interactions with local communities
  • check out our webpage: